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Creating your moving timeline – how and why?

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Relocations over long distances are complicated endeavors, that is the long and short of it. They require careful consideration and planning if you want to ensure that everything proceeds smoothly. Of course, having a great mover by your side will greatly help the process. Whether you are relocating from Florida or any other state, you will want to look for the best long distance movers. But apart from that, you will also need to be creating your moving timeline. Why do you need one you ask? The reason for creating a moving timeline is that you can deal with the issues at the appropriate time. In this article, we will show you how to create the timeline for your move, so you can make it easy on yourself.

Creating your moving timeline in 5 easy steps

The whole process of creating the timeline is actually quite simple. All you need to do is:

  • Write down all the tasks that need to be done
  • Divide the timeline into several sections
  • Assign tasks to the timeline
  • Consider options to make relocation easier
  • Leave some time available for extra tasks

And that is it. However, what you do need to pay attention to is the actual time frame in which you set things to be accomplished. This is different for everyone, as each relocation is unique.

Person with pen and paper, writing down moving plans and schedules.
You can take it slow when creating a timeline, provided you start early enough.

The important thing is that you sit down and plan things through. You will, of course, need to amend the plans during the moving process but the timeline will serve as a great base. But if you are relocating your office, you may want to add searching for one of the top commercial movers to the timeline. You want to set this particular task as early as possible, as booking movers ahead of time can provide you with the best deal. But for now, let’s go through the steps, one at a time.

First off, write down all the tasks

The first order of business is to write down everything you need to accomplish prior to the relocation. Make this a family affair, and involve everyone that will be relocating with you. Everyone needs to “chip in” and help in forming the plan. Don’t worry if you remember about a task at a later date, you can simply add it to the timeline. You do, however, want to start this process as soon as you know you will be moving. You may want to do some research on professional US moving companies, so you can get the best price for your relocation. After you finish writing everything down, it is time to move to the next step.

Divide the timeline into several sections

Normally, your timeline is going to look something like this:

  • 6 months before the move
  • 3 months before the move
  • 2 weeks before the move
  • 1 week before the move
  • Prior to the moving day

Dividing the timeline into sections allows you to focus on a specific group of tasks at each period in time. That way, you can safely “ignore” all the tasks that are to come later on. This frees up your mind and allows you to deal with immediate concerns. It is a nifty little trick that you can utilize to its full potential.

Moving checklist example
Structuring your moving timelines through sections or stages is very important.

It can happen that some tasks need to be switched to another section at some point, which is why you might want to try and create the timeline to be as flexible as possible. Yes, there are some tasks that you can’t delay, such as finding the best storage services for your move, but for the most part, you will be able to delay most of the tasks. Let’s see how to deal with the tasks themselves.

Creating your moving timeline the right way – Assign tasks accordingly

Once you have your timeline neatly split into sections, it is time to consider which tasks to put where. This will largely come to your own preferences, however. You may want to deal with some of them earlier, though. Transferring your utilities, for example, you never want to leave to the later stages in the timeline. It is best to complete them as soon as you can. At this point, you may also want to delegate responsibilities to other family members or coworkers, ensuring that no one gets overwhelmed.

Consider options to make relocation easier

The fact of the matter is that you can make your move as convenient and effortless as you want it to be. It will cost you some extra money but everything is possible. Moving companies can offer a wide variety of moving services, such as packing, in-home moving, storage, etc. It is up to you to figure out how much you want to do on your own and what to leave to professionals.

Ideally, you will do all the “easy” stuff while letting your movers deal with harder tasks. Furthermore, you can utilize your moving company as a great source of information and expert advice. They can help you navigate your way around a long distance relocation much more easily.

Example image of movers with a moving company van.
Your movers can help you create an enjoyable relocation process.

Leave some time available for extra tasks when creating your moving timeline

Lastly, you will want to always have a “backup” plan. Life’s that way that it usually comes in the way of perfectly thought of plans. That means that you will most likely need to adapt as the moving day approaches. Therefore, the best solution to this problem is to leave some extra time for “unknown” tasks when creating your moving timeline. This is not absolutely necessary, of course, but it will provide you with a great deal of flexibility. The more time you are able to allocate to unforeseen circumstances, the better. And it can save you a lot of money if you end up not needing last-minute services from professional movers.


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