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The benefits of renting a storage unit in Florida

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Having a storage unit is slowly becoming a necessity. Modern apartments are small, after all, and if you tend to accumulate a lot of items, you will soon run out of space. But having more storage space is just one of the benefits of renting a storage unit. The most notable other benefit is that it will make it easier to relocate, should the need arise. Incidentally, the best storage providers are moving companies. If you are looking for storage solutions, you talk to one of the resident moving companies in the area. ACME Relocation, for example, can provide you with clean and secure units, climate-controlled solutions, and more! But in this article, we will be detailing exactly why it might be in your best interest to rent one.

5 most important benefits of renting a storage unit

Without any further ado, here are the benefits that you will be able to reap, should you decide to rent a storage unit in Florida:

  • Makes it easier to relocate
  • Humidity protection
  • Decluttering your home
  • More options at your disposal
  • The higher overall safety of your belongings

Depending on your lifestyle, there may be even more benefits to be had.

Person signing a storage rental agreement contract.
Before you sign the lease, make sure to inform yourself of what the benefits are.

For example, you might want to have a “man (woman) cave” of sorts. A place where you go to relax, do some work, or simply get away from the buzz of everyday life. While you can’t live in a storage unit, unfortunately, you can make it comfortable for you to stay there for some time. ACME Relocation, for one, will do its best to find you the best unit for your purposes. We want you to be happy with your storage experience, after all! But for now, let’s see about those other benefits in more detail.

Having a storage unit makes relocations easier

If you are looking to relocate to Florida across the states, having a storage unit is all but necessary. It can provide you with a greater degree of security, as well as flexibility. You will be able to delay your trip, perhaps visit another Florida city before you move in, the possibilities are there. What is important is that your items have a place to be while you’re having fun. Your long distance movers can simply transport the items to a storage unit, where you can relocate them at your leisure. If you hire a convenient unit, one that is close by, you can even transport all the items yourself, saving a bit of money on your relocation. But most of the time, you will want to either renovate or remodel your new home before moving in.

And in those situations, not having all your items cluttering the space can be very beneficial.

One of the most important benefits of renting a storage unit in Florida – Humidity protection

To state a fact, Florida does have a bit of a humidity issue. Humidity can wreak havoc upon some of your belongings if they are left outside your home without adequate protection.

Condensation on piece of glass.
Humidity is a big problem in California.

By renting a storage unit that regulates humidity, you will be ensuring that the lifespan of your items is not shortened. A climate-controlled unit is perfect for the task, of course, but there are some other options that you can consider. There are units that have a low level of humidity throughout the year, even if they are not fully climate-controlled. Furthermore, you can obtain packing services in some of the units, making the task of protecting your belongings a lot easier. Most of the storage providers are moving companies, after all, who have extensive packing experience.

It will be easier to declutter your home

One of the most basic benefits of renting a storage unit is that you simply have more storage space. This quintessential trait can make it easy to declutter your home, providing you with greater comfort. And the best thing is that you will retain the use of your items when you need them.

In fact, some storage units run a delivery service that you can utilize. With but a phone call or an email, you can have your items delivered to you within the day. You can see how convenient that might be. But even if you need to go to the storage unit on your own, if you rent one close by it should not be a problem at all.

Higher flexibility

Having a storage unit provides you with a plethora of options. You can store some items that you might need in a specific situation (e.g. family visiting) and simply take them out when you need them. This degree of flexibility is one of the most important benefits of renting a storage solution.

Row of storage units.
You will be free to come and go from your storage unit as you please.

We all have some things in our homes that are there just because we might need them someday. And, to be honest, those days seldom come. A better solution is to store those items inside one of the storage units nearby. That way, you can go get them as soon as you need them!

Your belongings are safe within a storage unit

Depending on where you live, the crime rate might be an issue. Florida’s crime rate going down is a good thing, but the state is far from perfectly safe. Of course, your things can be stolen or damaged while within a storage unit but there is one big difference. Insurance. All of the storage units are insured and you will get your items’ worth in case anything happens to them. This is one of the best benefits of renting a storage unit as far as safety is concerned. That being said, if you have something that is irreplaceable, do not store it anywhere. Keep it close. For everything else, the best option is the storage unit.


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